Hypex amplifier kit

It delivers a stunning 2 x W. It uses balanced female XLR inputs. Theo Mulder — 15 September I have replaced my Denon integrated amplifier Ordering was smooth, fast, simple and personal and the amp arrived in a very well packed box. The unit is small, looks nice and is screwed together very well from high quality aluminium pieces. As described in many other reviews of the Hypex modules, I am impressed by the combination of detail in the middle and high frequencies and the control in the low frequencies.

Low frequency is also very good: gone is the booming bass that I had always attributed to the placement of my speakers. With the increased resolution, the sound stage has also improved.

CT verified owner — 27 November When I played first song, I am very surprised what I have heard, the background is very black, the huge sound stage, the low THD provided a sound of high fidelity. The guitar, violin and vocal are vivacious. The bass is deep and like a rock. Bruno Z verified owner — 29 November Super happy with that amp. Very nice solid build, flawless support, I can wholeheartedly recommend IoM to anybody looking for a nCore amp, especially compact ones.

Worthy of note that IoM is fully supported by Hypex. Got one of these NCMP amps for general HiFi usage, I like it so much that I will get a second one for music making duties, to power my monitoring speakers. At this price it is an impossibly good bargain. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Additional information Weight 2. Rated 5 out of 5.

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Hypex FusionAmp FA253 (250W+250W+100W)

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hypex amplifier kit

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Read more. Choose an option Silver Black Clear.The Hypex NC based amplifier has the option to use a custom input buffer board with class A op amps that makes the Hypex NC work to its fullest potential and create a mind-blowing musical experience.

The amplifier is handbuilt with highest precision using only highest quality components. The input connectors are Neutriks high quality gold plated XLR sockets. The amplifier has a soft start function and it is turned on with an illuminated switch on the front panel. The amplifier also has a standy mode, to turn it off completly a high quality mains switch on the backpanel is used.

The Sparkos Labs SS78 and SS79 Discrete Voltage regulators bring many advantages compared with standard monolithic designs where large capacitors for heavy filtering on the internal voltage can not be implemented. The fully discrete erorr amplifier on the device gives the ability for amazingly high input rejection and unique compensation techniques that are not possible to implement with regular monolithic IC error amplifiers.

Power rating per channel. Hypex Ncore NC amplifier 2 pcs. Apollon Audio Input Buffer Board 2 pcs. Gold plated RCA input sockets with selector switch 2 pcs. You have the option to choose a black or silver finish of the 10mm aluminium front plate aswell as black or silver finish of the aluminium feet. If you would like to have the option to mount the amplifier inside a rack there is also an option with 4mm rackmount faceplate in silver or black finish.

This selection by itself is a guarantee that the final product will stand the test of time and everyday use. Each NCSL amplifier is handbuilt with highest precission and care so we proudly stand behind our product and offer you a Full 2 Years Warranty.

With comparison to the ENH Ticha disrecete op amp they are more soft, richer sounding and warm.

NC400 mono kit (complete kit)

They are your perfect choice if you would like to just sit back, relax and enjoy the music as everything just sounds so pleasing with the Sparkos SS Pro op amp. If your current sound system lacks a spark of liveliness the Sparkos SS is and ideal choice to bring a bit of warmth into your system. The Sonic Imagery Enh-Ticha is a dual high performance discrete operational amplifier designed for professional audio applications and areas where ultra-low noise, low distortion and highly linear uncoloured performance is required.

It is a perfect choice if you have the professional need to analyse music or just like to explore the finer details. It will make it possible to hear all the flaws in the mixes in a second. What our clients say about the NCSL We are humble and do not like to brag, so below you can find just a few selected testimonials from our happy clients that own the NCSL amplifier with Hypex NC amplifier modules.

I had the visit of Johnny Cash and June Carter at my place and they performed an outstanding live performance. It feels like a quality product. It looks and sounds great. And it should further improve after few more days of listening.

The Apollon Team did a great job. I was looking for the best value for money amplifier based on the Hypex NCore. I am glad I found Apollon Audio. I have to go. More guests are coming. The Folsom prison is inviting itself to my place. Very happy so far with my purchase.Stereophile recently did a comprehensive review of the GT Just click on the picture to keep reading. The GT is the successor to the very popular GT kit. It does everything that the GT did, but it adds a few nice little tweaks that make the GT even better than the GT You can build a great sounding stereo power amplifier.

Just start with the GT kit, a few hand tools, and a little bit of time. It delivers 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. That's enough power to rock the room. And as excited as you might get listening, the amp stays cool owing to its large finned heat sinks. It looks great, and has the kind of sound that would cost 3 to 6 times more anywhere else. The parts quality is top-notch, the kind of stuff typically found in high-end equipment.

You'll get a great sense of satisfaction from building something that looks and sounds so great. It's fun to build. It's a great project for dads or moms and kids to do together. A number of happy customers have built GT's as personalized presents for their kids or grand-kids.

I'm sure that tradition will continue with the GT Hundreds have built the GT, and we firmly believe that hundreds more will build and enjoy the GT It is a complete kit The GT is an elegant design with knowledgeable support. The manual guides you step by step through the assembly process in the manner of the classic assembly manuals from Dynaco and Heathkit. Lots of people, even novices, have built the GT, going straight from assembly to great sound.

We've gotten lots of compliments on the clear and easy-to-follow assembly manual. We've also incorporated feedback from our builders so that the manual keeps getting better. We've brought the same attention to detail to the GT Assembly Manual. More measurements can be found here. The kit supplies everything but the solder. Add a few hours of labor and the result is Better Sound, because you build it.


Take a look at what our customers have to say about the GT We think the GT will get continue that great result. The kit includes a toroidal power transformer, film and COG capacitors, metal film resistors, heavy-duty extruded aluminum heat sinks, isolated input jacks, double-sided PC boards, and a fully regulated power supply, all elegantly fitted into a black custom chassis.

The GT puts out more than 50 Watts per channel in 8 Ohms. It may well be the best sound you'll ever build! The GT can be wired for either or Volt operation at either 50 or 60 Hz. For Volt operation, please order the V kit as well as the GT The V kit manual includes wiring directions for volt operation.

Owing to the large number of different AC power plugs outside of the United States, international customers will have to supply their own country specific IEC power cord. The paragraph speaks about the influence that building electronic kits had on Steve Jobs.Many thanks S. I'm looking for audio components that are plug n play rather switching modules, although it would be quite an adventure to build a component using one of them.

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Any suggestions? Thanks S. I haven't heard it personally but another poster mentioned it a while back. He went out and demo'd a bunch of equipment and ultimately settled on the i It sounds like Primare is at least worth listening too.

Thanks, Bierfeldt. I'll check out the Primare. Yes, I'm looking for a power amp, 2 channels, although now that you mention it, multichannel would be of interest too. At the moment I'm driving my Maggies with a Bryston 4BSST2 and I'm not unhappy with the combination, but for various reasons I might want to go smaller, cooler, and yes even more grunt than the Bryston, or at least find out what there is out there.

On multichannel Id also like to know what's out there that would enable a switch from my Integra integrated to separates without breaking my bad or my bank account!

Many thanks for your interest. Best S. You need to listen to the Sunfire Cinema Grand. If you are unfamiliar, Sunfire was the company Bob Carver started after he left Carver corp back in the 90's. There is a white paper that explains how the tracking downconverter works, but basically it is a class A amp that behaves like a class d. This tracking down converter allow the amp to vary it's power consumption with it always remaining just above what it needs.

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As a result you get lighter amp that can deliver monstrous amounts of power and runs cool. Literally room temp no matter how hard you drive it. There are 2 models, a 7 channel w unit and 7 channel w unit.

Coincidentally, Sunfire offered 2 lines of cinema speakers, the HRs line which called for w and the Cinema Ribbon line which calls for w of power. The HRS line was recently discontinued. Both amps are balanced and would pair nicely with a Marantz or Integra pre-pro. I have been flirting with the idea of getting the w model to replace my Marantz MM largely because I have the HRS line of speakers in my theatre and am taxing it just slightly.

I currently have a Marantz pre-pro paired with the MM I am very cynical on the technology.I am not a climate change zealot, nor a great fan of the Renewable Obligations imposed on power-generating companies by the previous Labour government.

I am however alarmed by recent price hikes in electricity bills, partly the result of Renewable Obligations, and threats of more to come. During a lifetime spent fiddling with music systems I have owned two Class A amplifiers - a 20W integrated Sugden and a 25W Audio Innovations - both of which emitted serious amounts of heat - almost enough to warm my living room. I was therefore intrigued to hear about the launch of Hypex ultra-efficient Class D UcD universal class D modules six years ago.

It dawned on me that it would be feasible and economical to build my own amplifier; then indolence struck and I did nothing about it for several months. As I had never listened to music played through a Class D amplifier, building a DIY prototype was an act of faith and it was perhaps foolish to have unerring trust in just one favourable review. Although adept at DIY, this project was to prove challenging, particularly when sourcing casework.

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I originally hoped to find a clapped out amplifier at a car boot sale and strip out its guts, but eventually realised that would take too much time and effort with no guarantee of success. I therefore opted to build my own enclosure using an gauge polished solid copper etching plate sourced from a fine art materials supplier for the chassis, which a friendly local sheet metalworker folded at minimal cost.

Side cheeks are offcuts of solid English oak floorboards, cut and planed to size. One thing to bear in mind is that RS has a minimum delivery charge, so components should be ordered in a single batch to avoid excessive transport costs.

Aside from the logistics of sourcing components from numerous sources and trying to synchronise deliveries, the final stage of assembly was simple and painless, the whole amplifier taking less than two days to complete.

I was grateful to have my electronics whiz-kid nephew on hand to oversee the internal wiring and prevent the amplifier from bursting into flames when first switched on. Before building the Hypex amplifier I had for many years been using a Leak Stereo 20 amplifier, which produced ethereal sounds when used with sensitive speakers. The technical specifications of Hypex modules seem beyond reproach, but what of sound quality? In a word staggering. Power and dynamics are effortless and able to drive my Harbeths with ease, showing no hint of strain or edginess, even at high volume.

The soundstage is wide, deep and spacious on a par with a high-end valve amplifier. Hypex nowadays offer a wide range of high performance UcD modules with outputs from watts to watts, plus voltage regulators and high-efficiency switch-mode power supplies.

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Hypex DIY Amplifier. Car boot casework As I had never listened to music played through a Class D amplifier, building a DIY prototype was an act of faith and it was perhaps foolish to have unerring trust in just one favourable review. The result Before building the Hypex amplifier I had for many years been using a Leak Stereo 20 amplifier, which produced ethereal sounds when used with sensitive speakers.

David Lewis HypexIn stock. Superb sound quality when assembled properly. This is a moderately challenging kit since you need to add your own heatsinks for the power transistors and there are no instructions other than the PCB labels. Also be sure NOT to get the power transistors mixed up, you'll end up blowing one or both 47 ohm resistors - be sure to look at the picture to see which one is PNP and which is NPN don't rely on a diode test if you don't know pin configurations for sure.

That being said, it is immensely satisfying to hear such beautiful sound after overcoming any assembly obstacles - definitely worth the effort. Be sure to get a dual polarity power supply plus a transformer sufficiently rated to supply both channels with clean power so your sound quality is excellent at any volume.

Add to cart. I spent two afternoons assembling the kit that was direct shipped from China and was well-packed to survive the trip. The instructions consisted of a single sheet of paper that contain a semi-schematic of the power supply and left amplifier channel. The right amplifier channel construction is inferred from the left's. Unfortunately, a couple of the important notes on the document that discuss how to attach the right channel in with the rest of the circuit are written in Chinese characters that are blurry enough not to be easily translated by Google translate.

However, after reading and re-reading them several times I was able to figure out what they meant. The kit was complete except for the following: 1 The amount of interconnect wire is not sufficient for the project, I recommend not using it anyway since it is a very thin solid core wire 2 The kit included three too In Stock. Upon receiving this kit I first noticed that it was packaged very nicely with components placed in seperate bags so nothing was even bent, which is very rare but very much appreciated.

The PCB is laid out well, is of good quality with a clear silk screen, and is about half the size of other Classic 47's. The quality of the components included with this kit was another very welcome surprise. I often swap some pieces out with better quality ones that I happen to have but that was completely unnecessary with this Only 11 left in stock - order soon.

Jennings Pacific North West. Not a bad little preamp if built as is with the supplied tubes. The PC board is of good qaulity the components are nothing special but are doing there jobs with no glitches.

My one minor complaint is the mfd capacitor next to the left tube should have smaller lead spacing and a smaller size altogether because it wants to be right up against the tube socket.

hypex amplifier kit

This kit will drive headphones and could be used as a headphone amplifier it drives earbuds and my over ear Audio Technica's with no issue's. Sound wise it is pretty good with some NOS tubes it kicks it up a notch, I rolled in some GE 6ak5's and sounds real good. I am going to purchase another one of these kits and upgrade all the componets which should make a big difference. I am using a 12volt 2amp transformer feeding this the Purchased this kit and built the preamp literally in two days.

First the good: the kit arrived well packaged and the components are in good shape and good quality, and all main parts necessary are there though you have to prepare for hookup wires yourself; however, the input and output sockets are not in the right color they are supposed to be 5 black and 5 white but what I got are 3 whites and 7 blacks; though this does not have any impact on the kit's electronic quality, as a product for sale, this should not have happened and a few spare parts would be nicer.

Review: Hypex NC400 kit

Second, the not so good: except a piece of schematic, no document whatsoever is provided; for me, an experienced hobbyist this does not matter much, but this lack of document may be a problem for novice; though one may get Audio Amplifier Board, Yeeco 2. Currently unavailable. I have the TDA gold nob let me tell ya, this thing is crazy!Apollon Audio is a company specialised in hand building premium quality Class D amplifiers using only high end Class D modules and components.

Tibor Marksel, the founder of Apollon Audio is a seasoned audio and mastering engineer with a trained ear and more than 15 years of experience in the recording industry. His attention to detail and perfectionism is present in every product that he makes.

Throughout his career he had the chance to listen to numerous configurations of speakers and amplifiers, but he was never fully satisfied with what he heard. This lead him on a quest to build an amplifier that would meet his demands for high power and dynamics, while at the same time have the record sound exactly how the mixing and mastering engineers have put it together in the studio, and enjoy that exact sound at home.

This all finaly became possible after implementing high end Class D modules and getting creative with Class A Op Amps. Apollon audio amplifiers that are based on the Hypex NC Class D modules use a custom built buffer board on the input stage. You are able to choose from various Op Amps that match your style and flavour. This is what makes all the difference in the sound and enables the Hypex NC to work to its fullest potentialgiving you pleasure each and every time you play your favourite recording.

Keeping your cables short aside from using high quality cables is a good way to preserve the audio signal in its full quality. If you prefer this way of powering your speakers our Hypex based Class D monoblock amplifiers are the best fit for the job. The smallest stereo amplifier starts at 75W 8ohm per channel and the most powerfull amplifier packs remarkable W 8ohm. We only use proven Class D modules from Hypex that are the industry leaders in Class D development and sound quality, paired with our custom input buffer boards for thrilling musical enjoyment.

You have the option of choosing four, six or eight channel amplifiers that are built around the Hypex NCMP series modules that sound grandiose and will provide you with ecstatic sound wether enjoying a movie or listening to a live concert performance that was recorded in surroud technology. Altough lightweight the amplifiers provide tremendeous power to your speakers. With Hypex NCMP modules driving the low and the midsection and the acclaimed Hypex NCHF feeding your tweeters you can expect mind-blowing sound reproduction with unbelieveable low and mid frequencies paired with startling high frequencies thanks to the NCHF module.

Just some of the testimonials we received in our email and found on the internet which tell us that we are on the right path. Very happy so far with my purchase. Thanks again! Everything you said about the amp is true. Super accurate, super precise and fast.

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I rediscovered my NS10s. I will do a very good publicity for Apollon Audio. A fresh company from Austria… they know what they do and their amps sound phenomenal. The secret to more power and detail in your Audio setup. High End Class D modules used in our amplifiers give you all the power you need and more, while the sound is always clear, detailed and precise.

Low frequencies are very present but controlled and the high frequencies are open, clear and glossy. Highly Efficient. High end Class D modules are highly efficient, low weight and very low on radiated and conducted EMI. Breathtaking Fidelity. Modern Class D amps achieve high fidelity that is comparable to those of Class AB amps, especialy when coupled with a superior Class A input buffer section with discrete voltage regulators and Class A Op Amps.

Grandiose Transparency. Transparent and sonically accurate, sounding better than conventional amplifiers, providing immense power and headroom, often making you hear things in music that you never heard before. Introducing Apollon Class D Amplifiers. Learn More. Class A sound without boundaries.

Explore Our Op Amp Selection. Monoblock Amplifiers.

hypex amplifier kit

Breathe new life into your stereo speakers with our Apollon Audio stereo amplifiers based on Hypex Class D modules. When you need to supply your expensive surround system with ample amount of power there is no better way to do this than with our range of Hypex based multichannel amplifiers.

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