Elohim incarnate

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Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. This is a simplified version of the original. You can also read a longer version of this paper. Did you know that the translators of the King James Bible designed a simple code system into their translation to designate the various Hebrew names for God in the Old Testament? Understanding this system unlocks profound new insights into the Scriptural teaching about the nature and character of God. This article begins by looking at how the code system works. It then examines some specific Old Testament passages to see how knowing which Hebrew name for God is used contributes to an accurate interpretation of what the Bible teaches.

These different words and spelling variations were used by the King James translators to designate the various Hebrew words for God. This is a general Hebrew name for Deity that designates God as our Creator and the object of all true worship.

The pre-incarnation of Jesus

It occurs 2, times in the Old Testament. Elohim is plural in form, however, when it refers to the true God, it designates only one Divine Being. We know this because it is consistently used with singular verbs, and with adjectives and pronouns in the singular, so that by the rules of Hebrew grammar it must be understood and translated as singular.

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Because Elohim is a general term for God, it is also used when describing false gods. Thou shalt have no other gods [elohim] before me. Since the same word is used for the one true God and for false gods, the KJV translators simply used a capital "G "and made it singular when the context is speaking of the one true God, to prevent confusion. To reiterate, the KJV translators followed the rules of Hebrew grammar in rendering Elohim singular when it refers to the true God; in the verse above, the pronouns used with God are singular "I," and "me" and the verb form of the Hebrew word translated as "brought" is also singular.

These grammatical cues require that the word Elohim be translated as singular here, and consistently throughout the Old Testament when it refers to the true God. In a handful of instances Elohim is used with the first person plural pronoun, "us. Thus, Elohim conveys both the unity of the one God, and yet allows for the plurality of Divine Persons as expressed in the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinity. It is unique to monotheistic Israel and is not found in the languages of any of her polytheistic, Semitic neighbors.

This is the personal name of the God of the Bible and speaks of Him as the holy, self-existent God who hates sin but provides redemption. It is used 5, times in the Old Testament. Notice that all the letters are capitalized. In some instances Jehovah is also written as GOD.

Again, with all the letters capitalized. Wherever you see the words LORD or GOD in the Bible written in all uppercase letters, you will know that in every case it is the word Jehovah or Yahweh, as modern scholars believe it should be pronounced in the Hebrew text. This word means "Sovereign," or "Master," and emphasizes the Lordship of God. It is used more than times in the Old Testament as a designation for God.

Notice that it is spelled with a capital "L" and lower case "ord. In this plural form it always refers to God. A rare exception where a singular form for Lord Adona is used for God will be discussed later. Joshua illustrates how the different names for God in the Hebrew text are coded into the King James Bible:.

And Joshua rent his clothes, and fell to the earth upon his face before the ark of the LORD [Jehovah] until the eventide, he and the elders of Israel, and put dust upon their heads. The Bible uses the names Elohim, Jehovah, and Adonai interchangeably for the one true God, along with combinations of these names and a number of other less frequently occurring terms. Since the name Elohim is a general Hebrew word for "God" and was also used to designate the false gods of Israel's heathen neighbors, we have the proclamation in the biblical Scriptures that Jehovah is our Elohim.

It is a proclamation that Jehovah is the true God. Many of these verses also state that Jehovah is the only Elohim. Following are a few examples. IsaiahYe are my witnesses, saith the LORD [Jehovah] and my servant whom I have chosen; that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God [Elohim] formed, neither shall there be after me.When did the disciples keep the Passover or the last super? Yet Scripture mandates that Passover be kept on the fourteenth day of the first month.

Who are the Elohim? – Part 2/3

How do we resolve this difficulty? In a strict letter-of-law Torah sense, this is impossible since Passover and Unleavened Bread were two separate appointed times falling on two separate days, though the days were adjoining each other. In the Gospel accounts, however, the writers use the colloquial term Passover to designate both appointed times—a common practice in the first century. The Gospels further tell us that Yeshua commanded his disciples to go and prepare a place to keep Passover Luke The disciples asked Yeshua where to go to prepare for it Luke Yeshua reiterates that he will be eating the Passover meal with them Luke And finally, Yeshua calls this meal the Passover.

The context in which the word is used has to determine which one of its several meanings is applicable here. It seems that the context here would point to a meal.

John —30 offers further proof that the Passover meal that Yeshua was doing was not at the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth, which would have made it the evening of the Sabbath Heb. When Judas left the supper verse 27the disciples figured that he was departing to purchase more supplies for the Passover meal, which was yet to come verse Furthermore, for them to think this means that they knew that the shops were open from which to buy supplies and therefore it was not the Sabbath or Shabbat.

This would not have been the case had the last supper been at the end of the Passover as it was approaching the beginning of the fifteenth, which was still 24 hours off. It had to have been at the end of the thirteenth and at the beginning of the fourteenth after sundown. They simply kept it earlier on the same day at the beginning of the fourteenth rather than at the end. At the end of that same day, he was hanging on the cross as the Passover Lamb. During the evening and into the morning he was put on trial before the Jewish leaders and afterwards he stood before Pilate, after which he was nailed to the cross sometime between the third and sixth hour according to the Gospel accounts.

There are valid arguments on each side of this issue. For us now, the big question is how could Yeshua keep the Passover as he said he did with his disciples on the fourteenth of Abib as Torah commands and still be hanging on the cross on the same day as the spiritual fulfillment of the Passover Lamb?

It was not the main meal that was to be held later at the end of the fourteenth into the fifteenth of Abib as the Torah instructs in Exodus chapter What was the precedence for such a meal?

Does Torah make allowances for another Passover celebration at another time? The answer is yes.

elohim incarnate

Here we see that Torah allowed for a Passover to be held 30 days after the first one for individuals who met the criteria. We could ask the question: what would happen to a woman who was in her monthly impurity at Passover and 30 days later during the second Passover she was again in her monthly impurity? Was she excluded from keeping Passover because she was not ritually clean in time? No doubt, some grace-allowance was made for such a case.

Moreover, the Torah gave the judicial authorities of Israel liberty to make rulings in these types of cases, which would be as binding as the written Torah itself Deut — We see recorded in Torah an example of this process in action regarding the daughters of Zelophehad Num —11; — What about a man who knew he was about to die just prior to Passover and wanted to partake of one last Seder?

Such would have been the case with Yeshua.No one denies that Jesus Christ lived on the earth about years ago. This is an established fact. However, what is not accepted by all is that Jesus existed even before He lived on the earth as a human being. Yet, the Bible is full of proof that Jesus did exist before He appeared on the earth as Jesus.

In fact, it is His pre-existence that proves who Jesus really is. Throughout the Bible, it is declared that Jesus existed before He became the earthly child of Mary. The best passages are found in the Gospel of John.

He was with God in the beginning. Not only did Jesus exist before He became the little baby born inBethlehem, He was the one through which Jehovah created the universe. Even Jesus taught that He existed in heaven before He was born on the earth. We need to remember a very important truth proclaimed in the Bible.

The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him. No one, throughout all history has ever seen God. Yet, God appeared to several people in the Old Testament. What does this mean? John explains it.

Whenever God appeared in the Old Testament, it was Jesus, the only begotten Son of Jehovah that appeared to these people. The only way that God ever reveals Himself is in the form of Jesus.

It is Jesus, throughout history that appeared to people. Look at some of these appearances. Genesis 18 tells us the story of three men who appeared to Abraham to tell him about the coming destruction ofSodomandGomorrah.

Most people have assumed these to be three angels. Yet, look closely at the story.Top definition. Elohim unknown.

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A name found in the Hebrew bible and often translated as "God" in English bibles. Elohim May 13, A Hebrew name often translated as "God" Genesisbut which should not be translated at all. It is the name of the Heavenly Father, and the "sir name" of all who believe in Him. Yahweh Elohim is the firstborn Son of Father Elohim. In online gaming, the term elohim refers to a player who exhibits god-like skills far surpassing those of leet gamers.

This player can usually be heard laughing at the pathetic attempts of those who try to best him but end up quitting the match or stay and get owned. The elohim is always someone who follows the way of teh lulz for it is only through the teachings and discipline of teh lulz that one can achieve such god-hood. Be warned, if an elohim is encountered, he will surely be partied with his fellow members of teh lulz who have received the blessings of his elohim powers through host sprinkles.

Elohim is loved by many people! Fuck BoyWith No standards. Elohim religion.

elohim incarnate

He's a young elohim milly. IND Gulag slap Pueef Quaff Male Queef Look at curry man! Bloodhound Texas Switch April 10th White people stole my car Sweded Dear One, I am your Oversoul, and I wish to speak with you. I AM a huge body of light, filled with many smaller bodies of light. I float inside YOU in the seventh dimension of pure love. Each of the Souls within the Oversoul are incarnated in, or visiting, the lower worlds. Within our protective Oversoul Body, our many Souls commune with each other without the distraction of the Souls that are contained in other Oversouls.

In the lower planes, these Souls appear to be separate, just as we Oversouls appear to be separate here.

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The difference is that we Oversouls realize that our apparent separation is only a matter of density of light. The Light of the many Souls in our inner Soul Family condensed into the envelope of our Oversoul body is very dense, whereas the light between the Oversouls is less dense.

We Oversouls are in constant communication with each other and live in total Unity Consciousness. On the same hand, our inner Souls commune with each other in that same constant manner within the security of our Oversoul Body. We Oversouls make the sacrifice of restricting ourselves to a kind of loose form as a service to our many Souls who are still obtaining experience in the material worlds.

When all of our Souls have returned Home, we will release our present envelope and, as the ONE great being that we are, will rejoin the rest of our Essence within the consciousness of our Elohim SELF in the eighth through tenth dimensions. Our Elohim encompasses many Oversouls, just as we Oversouls encompass many Souls. As Oversouls, we are the last bastion of form in the Multiverse. The Souls within us are incarnated and visiting all the manifest planets, solar systems, galaxies, central suns, and universes within the manifest Multiverse of the third through sixth dimensional realities.

I have come to share my vision of reality with you, and to introduce you to the many members of your Soul Family who exist within me. I know that, from where you are, you are in the process of Planetary Ascension. This is why you are now able to hear my call. I offer you my consciousness, as you would offer your hand to one who is climbing a hill.

I offer you a vision of life that contains none of the harm, confusion, separation, or limitation of your third and fourth dimensional bodies. I urge you to keep our connection constantly open so that my awareness can carry you through the many impending transitions within the personal drama of your lower bodies.

I am pleased that you have met some of the other members of your Soul Family. Just as a glass of white liquid will gradually become pink, and eventually red, as you drip red dye into it, your third dimension will gradually become the fifth, and then the sixth dimension as you download fifth and sixth dimensional vibrations into it.

We realize that this metamorphosis can be difficult for your present corporeal body, but we are here to support you in your process. We understand that the most difficult transformation is that of your beliefs. You have created many beliefs of limitation and separation to protect you from the dangers of a polarized reality where one end of the spectrum battles against the other.

Good vs. However, this polarized reality has become tedious for many of you, and you wish to return to the deep community and ever-present caring that you feel within my heart, the Heart of Oversoul. Yes, I feel your desire to experience each step along the pathway Home. I know that you wish to revisit the fifth dimensional realities where individuality is merged with unity. You wish to consciously swim upon the waves of potential in the sixth dimension, as well. Your return to our Heart shall be a journey of adventure and discovery.

More and more, you will remember ALL that you are. Less and less, you will desire to live as a small fragment of your total SELF.Findail Infelice. From the Land, the Giant-ship sails to the home of the Elohima race of beings who are known to possess supreme wisdom.

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Linden perceives that the Elohim are in fact the embodiment of Earthpower, the mysterious energy which is the source of the beauty and magic found in this world. Despite their seeming omnipotence, the Elohim are bound by a strange code of behavior, and provide no direct help to the quest, other than showing the Giants the location of the One Tree, from which the Staff of Law was fashioned.

Truth (capital T) versus truth (small t)

In the course of rendering this service, the Elohim cause Covenant to go into a catatonic state - "don't touch me" is all he can say. Sailing the course which has been charted for them, the travelers find that one of the Elohimnamed Findail, has joined them aboard the Giants' ship, for purposes which he declines to reveal. Linden Avery learns that the mad Elohim Kastenessen has severed his own hand and merged it with Roger Covenant 's, allowing Roger to draw on Kastenessen's power at will.

The Divine Council

With the help of Kastenessen, Roger was able to overpower the combined force of the Staff of Law and the Earth-blood. After a failed attempt by Linden to free Jeremiah from the croyel - during which the flames of Earthpower which she draws from the staff are tainted black, apparently permanently - the group are attacked by caesures, brought on by Joan's awareness of Linden's attempted use of wild magic. No less than six caesures assail the company, and in the chaos Anele touches the dirt and is possessed by Kastenessen; the mad Elohim immediately kills Liand in an effort to protect the croyel.

During the battle, Esmer arrives in yet another attempt to betray Linden for Kastenessen, but is pursued by the ur-Viles, who at last reveal the purpose of the manacles they forged: they capture Esmer with them, restraining his power and freeing the wild magic to act. Infuriated by the loss of Anele and Galt, and exalted by the rescue of her son, Linden wields the white gold and utterly routs Roger and his Cavewights. They lead Linden to a quarry of bones named Muirwin Delenoth.

The bones belonged to Quellvisks, an extinct race of monsters that Lord Foul created in an attempt to rouse the Worm by attacking the Elohim this plot failed, and the Quellvisks were eradicated by the Elohim. Unprompted, Jeremiah begins building a construct with the Quellvisk bones, somehow using the ancient lost craft of anundivian yajna. The group are promptly targets for more than one foe: Joan begins assailing them with caesures, and shortly afterward Infelice appears and attempts to stop them.

She hints that Jeremiah's construct will capture the Elohim, which she cannot permit. She describes his actions as "ruin incarnate". She also warns that Lord Foul's "deeper purpose" which he hinted at when Linden was summoned in Runes of the Earth is to use Jeremiah's power, after the fall of the Arch of Time, to create a prison for the Creator, allowing Foul to rule all universes.

This, at last, is what has long been hinted at in references to "the shadow on the heart" of the Elohim: Infelice insists that Jeremiah's building must not be completed.

In exchange for Linden stopping Jeremiah, Infelice offers a promise of the Elohim's protection for the boy, to ensure he does not fall back into the Despiser's hands. Linden refuses the bargain, and as a caesure attacks, Infelice binds Linden and Stave with enchantment, and moves to attack Jeremiah. However, Stave and Linden resist, and with the assistance of the Ranyhyn, Linden is able to throw Jeremiah's old toy race car that Esmer had previously repaired to her son, who uses it to complete his construct.

Infelice flees in fear that the construct will ensnare her but the construct is actually designed to free and reconstruct Jeremiah's mind.

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Elohim are a race of spirits who possess god-like powers. To mortal perceptions, they appear as beautiful men and women in a remote, sealed-off region of the Earth, and spend their time in dazzling physical transformations. In their own perspective, they constitute the animating principle of the Earth, and the history of the Land is the manifestation of events in their own consciousness.

As they regard their own domain as the only "real" place in the Earth, they rarely dabble in outside events. However, if they perceive a grave threat to the Earth, one of their number is "Appointed" to attempt to avert the threat - and to bear the cost of failing. Daphin Findail Infelice Kastenessen. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.It is foundational doctrine within Christianity that Jesus is God incarnate.

God the Father is the first person, Jesus the second person, and the Holy Ghost is the third person in the Trinity. They are three co-equal and co-eternal persons in one Being. It is not easy to grasp, but that does not make it untrue. Another way which may be easier to grasp this concept is to think of water. Water can be in three states of matter, liquid watersolid iceand gas steambut it is all still water. Just like water can be in three states of matter and still be water, God is manifested in three personages and all still make up one being in God.

Another example would be time; time can be in the past, present and future, but it is all still time. If this belief is not what you have been taught about Jesus, then you have a different Jesus than the Bible.

But is this what the Bible affirms in how it is presented?

elohim incarnate

In the King James translation process there were various titles used to represent the Hebrew names of God from the Old Testament in the Bible. Each of these four terms represents one of the following names of God in the Bible: Elohim, Jehovah Yahwehor Adonai. In virtually all of the more than 2, times it is used in the Old Testament, it is shown as "God".

Elohim is the plural form of the Hebrew word El, which has been a point of confusion among Mormons because if the word is plural they feel there must be plural Gods. However, this is in perfect harmony with the Christian view of the Trinity as in the original Hebrew, Elohim is regularly used with singular pronouns, verbs and adjectives, and based on Hebrew grammar rules, it is implied the name be translated in the singular form. This is where the translators language system comes into play.


This is plainly evidenced in many scriptures within the Bible when contextually read. Modern scholars now believe the name should be rendered as Yahweh. This is something which occurs hundreds of times in the Bible and does not allow for the Mormon view of Elohim being God the Father and Jehovah being the pre-existent Jesus Christ.

Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared [it]? The other name of God which occurs often, but much less than Jehovah, is the name Adonai, the plural of Adon. This verse represents the Christian Trinity as three divine persons unified in one Being who is God and triune in nature.

McConkie is ignoring this language system so he may erroneously fit the verse into the Mormon doctrine of God the Father and Jehovah the Son as being distinct beings and plural Gods.

He blatantly changes the text of the verse from "LORD" to "Lord" and gives them different names for what he rendered the same display of "Lord. Don't just assume what you are being taught is accurate. Question the teaching so you can better understand it and test it against God's word to see if it flies. This will only strengthen a testimony. Please realize the Mormon doctrinal teaching of the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost is not biblically based, but created in the mind of men.

This is why it is easy to test and see the error. Content Copyright All rights reserved. MD Salvation: Bible vs. Part 2 Inspired? Part 3 Inspired? Part 4 Inspired? View on Mobile.

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