Aims inverter

An inverter charger can be an excellent alternative to a generator, though it may be a companion to the generator.

Aims Modified Sine Wave Inverters

The best inverter charger is able to store energy from the power grid or the generator, releasing it slowly to any item plugged into it. A lot of people want to take a gaming console to entertain the kids on trips. You will need at least a watt pure sine wave inverter to power the gaming console. You should directly connect the inverter to the battery because most car power outlets can only deliver watts of power. The battery cables will need to be used to connect the inverter to the power source.

Any AIMS inverter or generator has a base load that they provide. When you turn on appliances like motors and the compressors found in air conditioners and refrigerators, they pull more power than their baseload rating. This means that a fridge, AC and sump pump motor rated to pull watts when running may pull watts in the first few seconds of operation.

One possible alternative is to attach an inverter to the generator that can handle the surge and stay under that peak load. A third choice is to oversize your inverter.


If the inverter is rated for watts and your base load is watts, you can handle one or two startup surges. You can estimate how long the inverter will last connected to a battery bank based on how many batteries you have, their power output, your power draw and how long you want things to run. Divide the number of watts by the input voltage or VDC. This gives you the DC amps consumed per hour. Unfortunately, all electrical systems suffer some loss. Multiple the DC amps per hour by 1.

That gives you the total DC amps required, not including any startup surges. Sometimes the issue is system design. Connect several in series to an inverter, and you may trip the voltage regulator.

aims inverter

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Aims 2500 Watt 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger PICOGLF25W12V120AL

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aims inverter

This inverter puts out watts of continuous power. It is capable of handling up to watt surges, so it could handle the load of turning on two or three major appliances at once. You could turn on both a TV and gaming console or two computers simultaneously without shorting something out.

Each outlet, too, can handle the whole load, a plus if you want to pull in one energy hog. It comes with three different grounded AC power outlets for volt AC power. This unit has a variety of protective measures built-in. For example, there is reverse polarity protection, over-heating protection, short circuit protection and warnings for both high and low voltage.

This unit has a one year manufacturer warranty. It puts out power more like a modified sine wave inverter than pure wave, and the voltage is sometimes lower than the official volt rating. That hurts efficiency and eventually hurts your appliances. This unit is moderately high priced but not the most expensive in its class. If you pay more, you can get a hardwire terminal with it, and then the package costs as much as the most expensive RV inverter charger on this list.

The best inverter comes with five different protection systems. Thermal protection shuts things down if it overheats. That is aside from the built-in fan. Overload protection protects connected devices if something overloads. It has both over-voltage and under-voltage protection. The TechOn inverter has an alarm for low voltage situations.

It also has a watt base load and watt peak load. Where this unit stands out is the excellent power quality. The TechON inverter charger has less than three percent total harmonic distortion, making it ultra-safe for sensitive electronics. The USB port can deliver up to 5 volts and mA. The package includes both cables and a wired remote control. The unit has a basic one year warranty. Getting service for the RV inverter charger either in warranty or out of warranty is nearly impossible.

These RV inverter chargers can work for years, but a few do conk out after a year or two of constant use. This could trip the lower voltage threshold on the unit. This is the most expensive RV inverter charger on this list. It is a pure sine wave inverter, so it gives you high quality power.

You get a minimal two CFCI outlets. The protective measures are standard: over-voltage, under-voltage and overload protections.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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First Test of AIMS 10kw Split Phase Inverter, Starts An Air Compressor!

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aims inverter

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Aims Power Power Inverters

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